Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What Every Leftist Should Be Told

Ace of Spaces regularly has a comment of the day or two.  And one they picked for overnight probably should be Comment of the Month at least.

But first, a little background.  The People’s Republic of Seattle recently passed a $15 an hour minimum wage in the face of warnings that it would result in business closings, particularly restaurant closings, and lost jobs.

Now, lo and behold, popular restaurants are closing by the score amidst much handwringing.  Gosh, who would have seen that coming?

But at least one good thing is coming out of this debacle – an object lesson that feel-good “progressive” solutions do not work.  Of course, some (most?) Leftists refuse to get it and remain as self-righteous as ever, e.g.:

This thread and discussion has been hijacked by thoer [sic] who believe greed is a virtue. Those are the same sociopaths and trolls that are uncapable [sic] of having a [sic] intelligent discussion about community or society, the same unintelligent trolls who think socialism and communism as the same thing, the same people who think Obama is a American hating Muslim. You made my my [sic] point. See ya.

Which comment on a thread prompted the following comment.  And its application applies far beyond Seattle.  This should be read to everyone who voted for Obama twice and has otherwise acted to impose tyranny on those not as enlightened as they.

No you don’t get to get away with that. You don’t get to advocate policies which allow you to use force to deprive people of their jobs and their opportunities and then claim that those who would have provided the jobs are the heartless ones.

You don’t get to trot out the insipid, mindless, tendentious talking points about how you are morally or intellectually superior when every “solution” you proffer is destructive and is based upon forcing others to do your bidding. You don’t get to decide whose job is worth preserving and whose isn’t and still claim the moral high ground.

You have to own this. You have to accept responsibility for the suffering your ignorance has caused and you have to understand that there is no way forward as long as you remain ignorant. Until you can begin to think rationally instead of being so full of hate that you think the best solution to every problem is to use force against those you disagree with then you can’t be accepted into the company of decent people and will always be seen as supporting those who would oppress us because that is exactly what you are doing.

To which I can only say, “Hear! Hear!”

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