Friday, June 27, 2014

McDaniel: Over 1000 Illegal Votes Found in ONE County

I have not yet brought myself to post here about the travesty in Mississippi Tuesday.  That may be a good thing as my anger could have caused this blog to combust and create a chain reaction of conflagration across the internet.

Now that I have slightly cooled, I’ve reflected on what the Republican big government establishment’s disgusting tactics and victory mean for the relationship between conservatives and the GOP.  But I will leave that topic for another day.

What I do want to point out is that Cochran’s victory was aided by massive fraud, namely by Democrat Primary voters breaking the law to vote in the Republican Run-off Tuesday.  Chris McDaniel says his people have found over 1000 examples of that in one county alone.

If that county is not an outlier, a McDaniel challenge of the election may have more basis than many think. Cochran won by just over 6000 votes, and it is safe to say just about all the illegal Democrat votes (again, Democrat primary voters who illegally voted in the GOP runoff) were for Cochran.

In any case, this is an outrageous instance of Establishment Republicans importing Democrat vote fraud into a Republican Primary.

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