Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Housekeeping (Or a nice problem to have)

My return to more frequent blogging is clearly delayed, and I think I owe readers an explanation.

I am going over my novel, Pilot Point, one last final time before publication.  I really mean it this time.  I have it in proof form and am reading it carefully to catch errors previous edits missed.  (And, yes, there are a few.)

Being that close to publication is a nice problem to have, exciting even, but it is a problem as I have only so much time and so much energy, particularly for writing.  So I think I need to continue to be selective in my blogging for a few more weeks.  I hope to blog more frequently again before mid-July, maybe sooner.

If you just have to have the benefit of my ranting wisdom, I am still tweeting.  One benefit of that platform is that one can use it to put observations out there without spending much time.

Thanks for your prayers and patience.

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