Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Downfall XXII: Obama Angers Democrats

I must admit, past Obama enormities have not dragged down his regime as I’ve expected.  I’ve even wondered if my Downfall series is one big wrong prediction. The IRS Targeting Scandal, Benghazi, etc have not provoked enough Democrats to significantly erode his base of support which remains around 40%.  (I will defer on commenting on what that says about his base.)

But his latest enormities may not be so.  The EPA’s proposed carbon reduction regs, the Veterans Administration Scandal, and the Bergdahl trade have this in common – anger over these is crossing party lines more.  Yes, even Democrats are getting provoked now.  I guess destroying entire industries, jacking up electric bills, dragging down the entire economy, killing veterans with long waits for care and then covering it up with fraud, and trading a known deserter for five high-level, high-risk Taliban are enormities even many Democrats cannot abide.  And perhaps outrage after outrage has finally worn down their tolerance.

The normally easy on Obama Mad Magazine is a case in point:

Whether these indeed prove to be tipping points or blow over in time to preserve Obama’s power is to be seen.  Although the anger over these is broader than over most past enormities, this all could blow over, yes.  I’d say why, but I said I would defer on commenting about the character of Obama’s base.  Not to mention I need to get back to proof editing my novel...


Warren said...

Just when, as a Canadian, I thought I couldn't become more jaded in my view of American conservative "Christians", things reach another new low. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Mark said...

Warren, I do not appreciate the scare quotes around "Christians." I most assuredly am one. Also, I fail to see why I should be ashamed of my political observations.

Kindly explain yourself if you wish.

And, BTW, I welcome a wide range of comments. But my tolerance for groundless smears and trolling is very limited. You are close to said limit.


Warren said...

I could care less if I'm close - ban me. Our worlds are so different I know that no amount of explaining will close the gap.

Mark said...

Translation: "You are so wrong I will just smear you and won't even bother defending or explaining my views."

Consider yourself banned, Warren.


wyclif said...

I'm puzzled as to why Warren thinks "you should be ashamed of yourself." Why? Because you pointed out how phony, mendacious, incompetent, and fraudulent America's current leadership is?

Sounds like speaking truth to power to me, but since Warren is a Canadian I must wonder if he understands that concept.

Mark said...

Thanks, wyclif, but since Warren is banned (until he apologizes, which I do not expect), he can't defend himself here so. . .

BTW I think this is the first time I've banned anyone other than spammers.