Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Downfall XXIII: GDP Down 2.9% (And a certain election last night.)

The shock 1st Quarter GDP number released this morning – down 2.9% -- makes it more difficult for Obama to hold on to his power.  As I’ve mentioned before, if the economy is bad, voters will be less tolerant of Obama’s enormities.  (And it will be fun seeing Democrats trying to blame the bad numbers on climate change.)

But then Establishment Republicans seem intent on alienating the conservative Republican base.  As illustrated all too well in Mississippi, RINOs would rather be in league with liberal Democrats than with Tea Partiers.  And they are pretty darn open about it now.  So Obama and the Democrats still have that going for them.

I may opine more on that in due time. 


Tregonsee said...

Climate change? That is completely absurd. It is clearly Bush's fault!

BillB said...

A second vote for it being G W Bush's fault (at least according to the Democrats).