Monday, August 27, 2012

Rigged Washington Post Poll Has Romney Up 1. . . Huh?!?

The Washington Post must be getting slack about rigging, I mean, conducting its polls.  For the latest WaPost poll has that RAAAACIST Mitt Romney up 47-46.  That just cannot be so.

So let’s see where they went wrong . . .

As mentioned, this poll has a D+9 sample, with Republicans ridiculously undersampled at 22%.  The 2008 election had a split of D+7, 39/32,29, and the 2010 midterms had a split of 35/35/30.  The likelihood of getting a D+9 turnout in this election is nil, as is the likelihood of an electorate that is comprised of 22% Republicans. 

Yes, that is ridiculous indeed.  Only puppy-killing plutocrats and RAAAACISTS are Republicans anymore.  22% Republicans is way too high!  And how can the sample only be D+9 under the GLORIOUS rule of The Dear Leader?

C’mon, Washington Post, you are not doing your part for The One!

[Sarcasm off.]

There should no longer be any doubt that Obama is in trouble.  This poll (pleasantly) shocks even me.

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