Monday, August 06, 2012

Has Obama Just Lost Ohio (and the election)?

Most readers are aware that the Obama campaign has sued to stop an Ohio three-day early voting preference to those serving in the military.  What may shock is that I’ll concede the Democrats may have a legal point, at least, on this one.  Here and here give more details.

Given repeated past Democrat attempts to disenfranchise troops, I am most certainly not inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt on this, however.

But, instead of my frequent focus on the pure evil of Democrats, I want to focus on their pure stupidity, namely the political impact of this lawsuit. 

It cannot be good for Obama, particularly in Ohio.  It is bad politics to make it the least bit more difficult for troops to cast their ballots (which is why Democrat attempts to do so usually occur after Election Day in very close races, Florida 2000 being the most infamous example). 

Combine that with Obama’s Department of Justice suing to stop voter ID, and the optics are awful.  Obama and his men quibble with cutting the troops some slack on voting deadlines while at the same time willfully enabling vote fraud.  Wow.  Even if he does succeed in doctoring the election in this manner, the votes he is losing could easily be much greater.

I think the political impact of this could become so bad that it will cost Obama Ohio.  And given the importance of that swing state (not to mention pro-military votes elsewhere), that could end up being the election.

At the very least, this is something to watch.

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