Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan a Courageous Veep Pick

I was pleasantly surprised to find out this morning that Romney has chosen Paul Ryan to be his running mate. I did not expect Ryan because I expected a safer pick.  For Ryan is the premier man associated with entitlement reform.  Democrats demagogue against just about any entitlement reform every election.  It has long been one of their chief weapons.  Romney just gave them a juicy target and that willingly I’m sure.

Grandmas, you better hide . . . now.  Democrat ad men are already looking for grannies to push off cliffs in Mediscare ads.

I am gratified that Romney is serious enough about entitlement reform and willing enough to take heat for that to pick the point man for reform as his Veep.

I consider it a smart pick as well.  The Obama campaign is based on deception and lies, big lies.  Ryan has the temperament, smarts, and communication skills to take those lies apart.  It is not for nothing that he is known as a policy wonk.  He is great in dealing with facts in a clear, even tempered, and convincing way.  The Romney campaign needs that.

Also, some polls indicate that, while other potential Veep picks would not help much in delivering their states, Ryan will help in Wisconsin.

This is a smart, serious, and, yes, courageous pick.

MORE: Even before the pick was formally announced, the mediscaring began.

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