Friday, August 03, 2012

5 Reasons Matthew Paul Turner Failed Yesterday

Yesterday, one Matthew Paul Turner posted concerning Chick-fil-a Day “5 Reasons the Church Failed Yesterday.”

I believe this calls for “5 Reasons Matthew Paul Turner Failed Yesterday.”

Turner said, “it was not love.”

Hell if it wasn’t.  If taking up for people being bullied by fascists isn’t love, I don’t know what is.  I remember when I was picked on as a kid.  When someone took up for me, that was love, and I felt love.  As a kid, I had more sense than Matthew Paul Turner does now.

Taking up for others and for their freedoms is love, period.

Turner said, “People felt hate, and we ignored that.”

No, people used the smears of “hate” and “bigotry” to try to ban a legitimate business.  And if there are sensitive souls out there who actually feel hate, any number of people any number of times made clear this was about supporting freedom of speech and freedom of religion in this country, not about gay bashing.

Perhaps that should have been made even more clear, but the issue of “hate” was most certainly not ignored.

Turner: “Christians put an issue above people.” 

The presenting issue was freedom of speech and of religion.  When you defend people’s freedom, you defend people, most of whom want to be free.  ‘Nuff said.

Turner: “Once again, the mass actions of Christians built another wall of distrust between the Church and the GLBTQ communities.”

Excuse me.  Were Christians trying to ban the businesses of those who support gay marriage?  Am I missing something?

At the very least, in this episode it is the GLBTQABC rights crowd who has acted in an untrustworthy manner.  For years, they preached tolerance.  But now they seek to ban Christians and their businesses? That’s not tolerance. That’s called bait-and-switch, and it is not trustworthy.  It is fraud.

I should add that there are any number of liberals and gays who are appalled by the actions of the mayors of Boston and Chicago because they, too, value freedom for all Americans.  Kudos to them.

But it is not Christians who have acted in an untrustworthy manner in this episode.

Turner: “Yesterday’s hoopla surrounding CFA did nothing to prove that Christians don’t hate gay people.”

Since when does everything I do have to prove I don’t hate gay people . . . or Canadians for that matter?  When I go buy beer, must I buy Canadian beer to PROVE I don’t hate Canadians?  Must I put Canadian bacon on my burgers?

Actually, those opposing Chick-fil-a have been treated graciously.  Protesters have been given free water.  Even this now infamous jerk was treated very kindly by Chick-fil-a.

But when I got up this morning and ate breakfast, I did nothing to prove I don’t hate Canadians.  I repent in dust and ashes.

(Yes, this is more than five, but I’m on a roll.)

What many Christians along with many other Americans did on August 1st was a positive thing.  Although the actions of the mayors of Boston and Chicago and their ilk were outrageous, the response was peaceful and positive.  Many waited in long lines in the summer heat to support freedom of speech with their time and business.  And those who opposed this effort out of their small-mindedness were nevertheless treated graciously. 

What happened August 1st was something Christians and Americans can be proud of.

And Matthew Paul Turner crapped all over it.

He is the one who failed.


Anonymous said...

Of course, your bigoted self has to moderate comments. You want a real discussion, critical thought, and exchange of ideas: open this up for people to comment. Otherwise, you're just whining about the same old "Christians are persecuted" crap that doesn't float. Typical right-wing whining.

Mark said...

A summary of my comments policy:

Also, I get so many spam comments, moderation is a must. God bless!


Anonymous said...

This post proves Matthew Paul Turner's point that you and others are unable to imagine for a moment the impact that chik fil-a day had on those who don't think exactly like you do.

Claire said...

I only have one thing to say, in response to point four:

"Were Christians trying to ban the businesses of those who support gay marriage? Am I missing something?"

Have you missed the fact that for years, Christians (even if by Christians I mean Focus on the Family, AFA, etc) have championed boycotts of any number of businesses who support gay marriage? Does Disney World ring a bell? So while they weren't doing so by eating chicken yesterday, Evangelical Christians in America are VERY experienced when it comes to boycotts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a fairly cogent rebuttal. I'm anonymous because there is so much, dare I say it, hate from the anti-Christian and gay community toward believers. I've read very young Christian comments, and they are almost universally against CFA on this issue. Makes me wonder if the Gospel will continue to be watered down as we work towards "diversity" and "tolerance." Go and sin no more may not last another generation.

Mark said...

Claire, your point is well taken. But there is a difference between a boycott, which is everyone's Constitutional right, and trying to get government to ban a business over political/religious views . . . a big difference.


laidbackbeau said...

I find it funny that you call people supporting equality for homosexuals fascist. When every fascist regime in history and currently is existence are extremely anti-homosexual. Also, why is it only freedom of religion when it is your religion. Mr. Cathy is in opposition to my freedom of religion. So, he is not for freedom of religion, just freedom for his religion. And yes Christians have multiple boycotts against businesses that support equality. The most notable recent ones are JC Penny for hiring Ellen Degeneres and featuring same sex couples in a catalog. And, Oreo/Nabisco for their rainbow cookie online add campaign. I could list a dozen more companies that are being boycotted by the American Family Association which is one of Chick-fil-a's charities.

laidbackbeau said...

I could also add that Christians use fascist tactics all the time too. They join together to close down strip clubs. They shut one down in Grand Rapids Michigan just a few years ago. There are lots of cities that are still "dry" no liquor allowed to be sold.

Anonymous said...

Again, boycotting a company is everyone's right! It's not like we're bashing them for their religion, we're boycotting them, because we don't agree. Everyone boycotted long long ago, when we didn't agree with the taxes.. I guess that was fascist too. Not to mention this chick-fil-a think was just us standing behind a fellow brother being bashed because he gave his opinion when someone asked.

wyclif said...

Matthew Paul Turner's blog is a particularly noxious piece of bile. For years now, he's spent a lot of effort trying to position himself as the mouthpiece of so-called "liberal evangelicals." Yet, I've noted over and over again that Mr. Turner cannot take the heat when he is challenged. A few weeks ago I took Turner to task on Facebook, and how did he respond? He simply banned anyone daring enough to challenge him from his Facebook page. He and Rachel Evans ought to start a foundation or something for hand-wringing whenever evangelicals show some backbone and refuse to let LGBT fascists trample their free speech and other rights.

wyclif said...

Another thing while I'm at it:

Sorry, but posts like Turner's that begin with a false premise like this one aren't very promising. I see what he did there, and I've been around the block enough times to see through it:

First, make the Chick-fil-A hoo-ha the responsibility and bugbear of "the Church", even though it was the CEO of a private corporation that was asked for his views and gave them honestly, and the people engaging in the support of Chick-fil-A were far, far more diverse than mere church members. That's called bait and switch: using an unrelated controversy to attack an institution that Turner, Rachel Evans, and his "liberal evangelical" cohorts don't like very much. Pretty transparent, and totally fail.

It goes downhill from there, you see, and actual public intellectuals-- whether the Christian or the non-Christian sort-- will probably glaze over while reading Turner's screed if they proceed past the lede.

Mark said...

Thanks for the background on Turner, wycif.

As for the latest post from an "anonymous," there is a different between a boycott and government banning or harassing a business. And I've said that already.

Read for comprehension.


Mark said...

*difference* I need to proofread for comprehension.


Allison in AK said...

After reading Turner's post, I googled his name to find out why he's so distorted and found this post. I linked it on my FB page because you've written what my husband and I sputtered after reading MPT ~ great job!

Anonymous said...

First off, your comment moderation proves that you will only accept the thoughts and ideas that you agree with. I am a Christian myself, and I was very offended that so many people supported this Chic-Fil-A Day. I must agree with Turner when he says that many people felt hated on that day. How furious would you be if a Muslim or Hindu devoted an entire day to oppose everything you believe in? I have no problem with a business donating money to whomever they wish, but that is not the point. The point is that Christianity is supposed to be focused on loving people, whether they agree with us or not. Who did Jesus spend time with when He was on earth? We have gotten so focused on hating the sin, and we've forgotten how to love the sinner.

Mark said...

Mr. Latest Anonymous, I will choose to answer one point. I rarely delete a comment. And I have posted every comment on this post that has come in.

Have a nice evening.


Mark said...

I should clarify that I rarely delete non-spam comments. Due to spam, I have little choice but to moderate.

But I've already said that.


BillB said...


The anonymous lib-proggies posting here about your moderation of comments are only doing projection. Go to any lib-proggie blog and you will find few if any disagreeing comments. I know one commenter over at Standfirm that has commented that almost all of his comments to lib-proggie blogs are moderated to the trash can, null-bucket or wherever they go when deleted.

This is what they do when they cannot argue, they accuse you of deleting their substantative comments (of which there are really none).

Lib-proggies, grow up, get a brain, learn rational thought. Once you do that you maybe will be able to at least debate the issue instead of making false accusations. Naw, it will never happen; something like that just doesn't "feel" right.

Robert Leonardo said...

Excellent is my 2 cents