Monday, June 13, 2011

White Wine and Parish Administration

Yesterday, Pentecost Sunday, two youth and I worshipped at Smokey Matt’s. Not only was the liturgy glorious as always, but also the real Bishop of Ft. Worth, Jack Leo Iker, was visiting. I could tell the youth enjoyed the experience.

Myself, I have to confess I was jealous of ++Iker’s golden mitre. I wished the bishop of my confirmation had worn that.

Afterwards, I introduced the two youth to the Rector, the Revd. Dwight Duncan. One asked him why the wine used during the Mass was white. I expected a deep theological/liturgical answer.

But Fr. Duncan instead gave a very practical and to the point answer – years ago, the Altar Guild requested white wine as red wine badly stains the linens.

I greatly enjoyed his answer. It reminded me who really runs Anglican parishes.

I did not mention that Bishop Iker himself distributed all of the Bread of Life to communicants. I had not seen a bishop do that before, and I greatly appreciate it.


Beneath the Firmament said...

I think unwound feel cheated as a communicant. Who has ever heard of clear blood? Wine should always be red in my opinion.

Kelso said...

As I moved a lot during my army career I found white wine in many parishes. The first time I was surprised, but it didn't bother me after that.

The SassyChiken said...

Hahahaha gotta love the pure unfettered practicality of it ;-)

Mark said...

Yes, SC, especially in a parish with such high ceremonial. :)