Thursday, June 02, 2011

Abomination of the Week

The Anglican Archbishop of Brazil, Mauricio de Andrade, provides the Abomination of the Week.

Actually, I should say “abominations.” For his silly vestments, the tripe that comes out his mouth, and his being the Presiding Heretic’s lapdog – all of these are abominations worthy of recognition. I hardly know which to choose.


Kelso said...

Here at St Bob’s Your Uncle Episcopal Church, our Bishop, Chumley “Fireball” Watts was in town for a Holy Ghost Revival and Miracle Crusade and I showed him the picture of Archbishop MaurĂ­cio de Andrade and his funny outfit:

“Wail, thass ol’ Maury from way south of year! I bet his wife sewed up that up fer ‘im – she runs a yard goods and button store down near th’ base of that big Jeezus stature they got down yonder.

You know, come ta think of hit, my wife and I give them a quilt with that pattern for they wedding some years back.

You know, poor ol’ Maury is so hen-pecked, he moults twicet a year!”

The Underground Pewster said...

That looks like a candidate for the "Bad Vestments" web page.