Wednesday, June 08, 2011

REC Membership in ACNA Ratified

I think it worthy of note that the General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC) now meeting in Dallas has unanimously ratified its membership in The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

The triannual meeting of the REC did so through approving without opposition a new Article XIII of the Constitution of the REC, which article spells out our membership in ACNA.

If one wishes to nitpick, technically the article does not become a part of our Constitution until a “second reading” (second approval) at the next General Council in three years. But for all practical purposes, our membership in ACNA is ratified, and that overwhelmingly. Thanks be to God!


Texanglican (R.W. Foster+) said...

Gloria Deo!

Beneath the Firmament said...

Let me get this straight. So REC is now a member of ACNA?
If so, what of the Prayerbook issues?

Mark said...

BTF, correct.

There really are not serious prayer books issues for us. We use the REC and 1928 BCPs (and can continue to do so) and have a significant role in working on an ACNA BCP.


RECCHIP said...

Also note that as well as ratifying membership in the ACNA, the REC also added several things to the Constitution including:

Section 3
The Reformed Episcopal Church retains the right to re-define its relationship with the
ACNA through the action of its General Council, and in accordance with Article VIII of
the ACNA Constitution retains all powers not granted to the Province by its own
(e.g. We are joining but push us too far-on WO for example, and We are out of here!!)

and also amendments to Canon 7 which close any possible loophole which might allow a female to slip into the ministry;

[(b) No person who would be ineligible for Postulancy or Candidacy for any reason
under the Canons of this Church may be received as a Deacon, Presbyter, or Bishop or
licensed to function in any capacity reserved for those in Holy Orders by any Bishop or
Ecclesiastical Authority of this Church.]

and also even the "someone can serve two weeks without being licensed" proviso is changed to:

(b) A Minister of a Church in communion with this church may preside at the Holy
Communion not to exceed two weeks in a six-month period, provided such Minister
meets the requirements of ordination under the Canons of this Church as defined in
Canon 7.]

Thus the General Council has "sewed up all the holes" that a women might try to slither through!!

I also like the fact that they are raising the retirement age for Rectors and Bishops to 72. This will significantly help us in the Misionary (for now) Diocese of the Central States. It gives us more "breathing room" since our beloved Bishop Morse was closing in on 70.

I am sure that the Lord is truly leading the General Council of the REC and I pray for traveling mercies for all the Clergy and Delegates as they return home this weekend.

Kelso said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the REC did not believe in the apostolic succession of bishops.

Mark said...

Kelso, it depends on what you mean by "apostolic succession."

Do we think that you must have bishops and priests in the apostolic succession in order to be a real church? No.

Do we think the apostolic succession is "very ancient and desirable"? And are our bishops in the apostolic succession? Yes.

In fact, Church of the Holy Communion, where we've met, has an interesting chart that places its rector/bishop in the apostolic succession.


Anonymous said...

Who disciplines and removes rogue and errant bishops?

This seems to have contributed (and still does) to the downfall of TEC and the Canterbury communion.

Anonymous said...

Rather, FAILURE to do this has contributed/contributes to the downfall of TEC and the AC.

rob said...

The problem with the REC is the "E". I have come across articles about an Episcopal church or clergy doing good things and it turns out that it is an REFORMED Episcopal church or clergy. The term Episcopal has become a pejorative.

Anyway, I am glad that the REC is on board with the ACNA. Both parties are strengthened by it.

Mark said...

I'd like to see us lose the E, too, and have fought (and lost) that battle in my parish.