Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That was predictable.

Dog pees on fire hydrant. Bear craps in woods. And “evangelical” Fulcrum “expresses serious concern at the launch of the Anglican Mission to England” society.


In its predicable press release, Fulcrum all but accuses the Anglican Mission of being a breakaway group. I guess Fulcrum thinks they possess “a word of knowledge.” For the Anglican Mission has made it very clear that they intend to work within the Church of England, not unlike English missionary societies of the past:

The AMIE is determined to remain within the Church of England. The desire of those who identify with the society is to have an effective structure which enables them to remain in the Church of England and work as closely as possible with its institutions.

But, of course, Fulcrum will not keep mere facts from getting in the way of expressing “concern” about evangelicals who somewhat live up to the name.

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wyclif said...

I guess I should fisk this statement. I might be more inclined to do so if it were a serious piece and not simply concern trolling. Let me just point out one easily refuted point for now:

"The creation of a society with a conservative evangelical 'political' agenda not simply mission"

While pollyannaesque handwringing of this sort is common in the CofE today, it doesn't really mean much. That's because Fulcrum thinks that those awful Evangelicals have a political angle, but of course Fulcrum itself is better, higher, and purer than that, not being sullied by politics whatsoever. That politics are inescapable never seems to occur to our deeply worried friends across the puddle at Fulcrum.