Monday, January 03, 2011

TEC Bishop Marries Two Lesbians (Yawn)

You knew it was coming. The TEC “Bishop” of Massachusetts, Thomas Shaw has “married” two lesbians, namely Katherine Ragsdale, Dean of Episcopal Divinity School and priestess of Moloch, and Canon Mally Lloyd.

So this week, there will be another dithering statement of concern from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the usual statements of joy/condemnation from the usual churchly people. There will continue to be no discipline of The Episcopal “Church”. In other words, life will go on as usual . . . which pretty much illustrates what is wrong with the Anglican Communion.

Throw some rice at Christopher Johnson for alerting me to the blessed event.

Oh, this is the Abomination of the Week, by the way. *yawn* Wake me when The Episcopal “Church” marries three lesbians.


Anonymous said...

Another day, another knife to the back of orthodoxy.

Floridian said...

My response: TEC Bishop Marries Two Lesbians (Yuck)

Carson T. Clark said...

An uncompromisingly orthodox AND moderate perspective on homosexuality, society & the Church:

Daniel said...

Actually, it's absurd to think that what TEC, the Masonic Lodge down the street, or The Church of Cosmic Vibrations does is a "knife in the back of orthodoxy."

The Church will continue with the Great Commission, and will continue to subdue her enemies, for the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14)

Confessor said...


You didn't leave a link to comment at your most recent post, but I'd like to say that the Orthodox have some problems of their own, with sexual abuse, corruption and homosexuality. At the last Lambeth, Metropolitan Kallistos, formerly known as Timothy Ware, spoke at Lambeth and his message held hints of the 'generous pastoral response' position and acceptance in regard to homosexuality and perhaps that is why he was invited, along with Brian McLaren to speak.

The opacity, lack of accountability and insularity of the bishop system (RC, Anglican, Lutheran, UMC, and Orthodox) and leads to temptations beyond what mere men can resist.