Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Orthodox Anglican Council in Works?

I do not want to jump the gun. Hence the question mark in the title.

But at the Mere Anglicanism Conference, a primate and a prominent bishop sure sounded like a binding orthodox Anglican council is in the works.

++Mouneer Anis (blogged by a third party. Quote may not be exact.):

I agree that the times today need Orthodox Anglicans from around the world to lead. We’ve been reactive for 10 years now and need to take the lead and look at a gathering of Bishops and Primates. The Global South bishops and primates need to meet with orthodox bishops in the West. This meeting is being planned.

+Michael Nazir-Ali:

In resolution of some of these matters, Anglicans need to bring to bear the Word of God on the issues and to be the guardian and interpreter for the church. We should have a healthy perspective on a proper conciliarity that Anglicans have evaded for 150 years. The Reformers would have resolved similar difficulties with a church council. What is wanted now, today, is a conciliar gathering.

Of course, the current Archbishop of Canterbury and allies will avoid, evade, and undermine any binding council. So I foresee the following:

A number of (but not all) orthodox Anglican primates lead a conference of all Anglican bishops who will come and submit beforehand to a brief statement of orthodox belief.

The council will come to robust and binding agreements on the basics of the faith and on contradicting agendas in the Anglican Communion. The council will not formally break with the Anglican Communion but most of the participants will afterward completely disregard the authority of those who do not sign on to the Council’s statements. Although the council may seek to reform the Anglican Communion, there may in effect be a new orthodox Anglican Communion of some sort formed sooner or later.

If a miracle happens, and I’m right, remember you heard it here first.

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Joel said...

I'd love to see a new communion with its heart in Africa.