Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was not intending to post on the post-Tucson controversy. I was busy this past weekend and have had energy issues since. And I did not want to repeat what others have said. (I have tweeted on the subject though. Don’t forget that I have a tweeter feed on the right, no pun intended.)

But Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s little piece this week increased my energy greatly. It is the same old garbage blaming Dallas for the Kennedy assassination. It rehashes the line that Dallas was a right-wing city that killed Kennedy.

This brings back bad memories. I grew up in Dallas. I was very young in the Sixties, too young to remember the assassination itself. But I remember some of the aftermath, of the price Dallas paid for being the unfortunate location of the tragedy. I particularly remember my mom rightly getting angry as we watched CBS’s Eric Sevareid calling Dallas “an adolescent city with adolescent ways.”

It did not matter to the Dallas bashers then or to RFK, Jr. today that blaming right-wing Dallas is absurd. Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist. He even tried to defect to the Soviet Union. Those right-wingers in Dallas had nothing to do with the assassination and obviously had zero influence on Oswald. There is evidence he was shooting at them instead (the Edwin Walker assassination attempt).

I had thought that this Dallas Killed Kennedy meme was long dead and gone. But apparently not.

It is not unlike today when Leftists blame Sarah Palin and tea partiers for the Tucson shooting . . . even though one of the shooters’ favorite books is The Communist Manifesto. What a big influence Palin is on him! Leftists also blame Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh . . . even though Loughner did not listen to talk radio. As I tweeted Mark Levin, he must have amazing mind control powers!

RFK, Jr. is quite right that the atmosphere surrounding the Kennedy assassination and that surrounding the Tucson tragedy have much in common. The thing is it is the libels of sniveling Lefty smear merchants like him that is the chief commonality.

I could go on, but instead I will praise a man of the Left for standing up and saying enough of this. I will praise Obama. Yes, you read that right. His speech last night was needful and, yes, presidential. He winsomely but firmly stated that the blaming of conservatives for Tucson is not only unhelpful, but also flat wrong. Kudos to him for stepping up.

Let us hope his clear statement brings a quick end to the poisonous libels.

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