Friday, January 28, 2011

How Things Have Changed in Reynosa

The news of the missionary lady murdered by drug scum in Mexico strikes a chord with me. Obviously, a lady seeking to do good to the people of Mexico being shot in cold blood by a drug gang stirs anyone with a soul.

But it is more personal with me. The shooting occurred south of Reynosa, Mexico.

Back in the 90’s, I helped lead a church mission trip of Junior High kids to build small houses for people in a dirt-poor colonia in Reynosa.

No responsible church would do such a thing today. Reynosa has since become a center of drug cartel violence. I would not allow any kid of mine to go there. And I feel I would be taking my own life in my hands if I crossed the border there.

It is very sad indeed what the drug cartels have done to Northern Mexico. Please pray for the people of Mexico.

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