Friday, January 14, 2011

Should Orthodox Primates Attend the Primates Meeting?

There is an interesting discussion in the Anglican blogosphere about whether orthodox primates should attend the Primates Meeting in Dublin later this month. Matt Kennedy says no. BabyBlue says yes. And there are vigorous discussions in the comments to their posts as well.

I am a bit torn on this question. I have thought, and still do think, that a case can be made for attending the meeting if orthodox primates insist that the first item of business is a vote to expel Katherine Schori and Fred Hiltz. And if they are ready and willing to walk out if the two archapostates are not expelled. (And the two will likely not be expelled.) I heartily agree with Matt+ that scripture mandates those two are not to be treated as legitimate church leaders.

Not attending the meeting at all is the only other acceptable course I can see. For Rowan Williams has so rigged the rules of the game against the orthodox, it is appropriate for them to protest by refusing to play the game.

Past Primates Meetings made robust decisions at least begin to put apostasy in its place. ++Rowan’s response was to undermine those decisions and to undermine the institution of the Primates Meeting as a whole. When the orthodox manage to “win” one, ++Rowan turns it into a loss. Of course, most of the time, Anglican Communion processes are so rigged by Rowan and company, the orthodox hardly have a chance at the start even though they are an overwhelming majority in the Communion.

Like I said, when a game gets that rigged, an appropriate response is to protest by refusing to play. There is no scriptural mandate to play Charlie Brown to Archbishop Lucy.


Confessor said...

But Wannabe, you forget that the Church of England has 'gay' priests with spousal benefits for their same-sex partners. Why treat the CoE differently than the US and Canada?
Then there's Ireland and Scotland.

St. Nikao said...

There's also a discussion of the issue of attendance at the Primate's meeting at MCJ:

The GAFCON/FCA Primates stated in November 2010 Oxford Statement that they would not be attending the Primates meeting this month and why. Do not look for them to back down after patiently plodding through meetings from Dar to Jamaica. The ball is in the court of TEC, ACoC, and the rest of those who have defied Scripture (and science) to embrace sexual sin and syncretism.

RMBruton said...

Should Primates attend Primates Meetings, would be the way I'd phrase the question. The answer to which would naturally be yes. Having "orthodox" Primates attend only "orthodox" Primates Meeting seems to be the only option left to those who choose to stay away; which begs the question why not simply separate entirely. Why are they staying together at all, is it for the kids?
If differences are irreconcilable then divorce seems inevitable. Just move-on and stop whining about it.