Sunday, August 08, 2010

You might be having a bad election year if . . .

. . . you are booed . . . by Boy Scouts.


Anonymous said...

Bill Presser's book Toxic Talk is accurate description of what is going on. The BCP and the Bible both reject the type of spirit.

Mari said...

Anon I disagree with your interpretation of the BCP and the Bible in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Name one verse in either the Bible or the BCP that affirms a christians right to mock or dis-respect those political authorities under which we labor. Dr. King experienced diabolical political forces yet never rejected the christian response to that authority. Elijah Muhammad (Teacher of Malcom X)of the Nation Of Islam believed that the white man was evil by nature yet insisted that his followers deal with all of them with respect.
I believe many on the left and the right have lost all sense of civility and christians ought not to follow their lead.

Mark said...

Well, Jesus called Herod "that fox" and he certainly mocked the Pharisees.

And the Psalms and Proverbs mock all over the place.

May I say that if you do not enjoy the mocking of that which richly deserves to be mocked, you will not like this blog.


Anonymous said...

Jesus was engaging in theological debates. Paul explicitly speaks of the christian response to those that wield the power of the sword (political authority).
The Jews never mocked the kings pf Israel even when they were in error.
I think you are equating mocking with challenging the illegitimate use of authority. They are not the same.
Again Bill Presser's Book clearly demonstrates where that type of toxic speech leads- it dehumanizes and depersonalizes opponents. They are no longer worthy of transformation. So why try.
Check out a summary of his argument online. It will be well worth your time.