Friday, July 30, 2010

Barbara Boxer: “Re-elect me! I’m a babykiller!”

Of course, that is not actually what Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is saying as she campaigns for re-election. But it might as well be. For the fact that she is extremely “pro-choice” and her opponent Carly Fiorina is not so much has become one of her major selling points.

But there are two problems with that strategy. First, it hasn’t been working very well lately. In major elections this year so far in New Jersey, Virginia, and even Massachusetts, Democrats tried to play the abortion card against their opponents with dismal (for them) results.

And that makes sense, especially in this current environment. I cannot see many deciding to vote Democrat because of their wonderful pro-abortion views (unless said voters are already firmly in the Demorat camp already).

Second, Boxer’s abortion stance is so extreme that it is virtually pro-infanticide. And before you think I’ve gone over the top here and waste electrons excoriating me and the above punchy headline for the same, calmer voices agree, namely George Will:

Fiorina’s right-to-life stance may not matter much this year because economic anxieties have largely eclipsed other issues. Besides, it is theoretically impossible to fashion an abortion position significantly more extreme than Boxer’s, which is slightly modified infanticide. She supports “partial birth” abortion—the baby, delivered feet first, is pulled out as far as the neck, then is killed. And when asked during a Senate debate whether the baby has a right to life if it slips entirely out of the birth canal before being killed, she replied that the baby acquires that right when it leaves the hospital: “When you bring your baby home.”

So if Boxer really wants to campaign on abortion, that could be made to backfire, even in Californicate.

By the way, Planned Parenthood plans to spend a cool million to get Boxer re-elected, while it continues to receive your taxdollars, of course.

Other rabid pro-aborts are in close races as well. Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) comes to mind (and raises my blood pressure). As we watch with interest, let us pray such finally get their just political deserts no matter how much Planned Parenthood and their ilk spends.

Contacting friends who can vote in said races would also be commendable.

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