Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A look at Obama’s schedule reveals Our Dear Leader might need a little work on his priorities.

He will not appear (except via videotape and teleprompter) at the Boy Scout 100th Anniversary Jamboree even though Bush the elder, Clinton, and Dubya appeared in person at the event. The jamboree occurs every four years, i.e. only once in a presidential term. So this is (hopefully) Obama’s only chance to appear. What will Obama do instead that is so important as to skip this event?

Go to New York City to do a taping with the lovely Lefty ladies of “The View.”


Nickie Goomba said...

Be prepared!

deck said...

If only they would swear allegiance to the O, then he would be glad to be with them. The Boy Scouts are the antithesis to the Obama Youth!

peggy38 said...

Well he HAS to charm the demographic that watches the View. I guess he figures if he goes on there and is charming and flashes that megawatt smile of his, he will have millions of (sorry, rather dimwitted) women swooning eating out of his handsome hands.

This is pure politics. Pure campaign. Expect him to do more charm offensive type stuff especially when there are millions of women voters watching.