Friday, July 23, 2010

Georgetown Appoints Union Thug Andy Stern

I admit right off the top I have never been a fan of Georgetown. I lived next to it during a summer internship in 1981 and was unimpressed. I’ve been unimpressed with their frequent betrayals of catholic values. I was angered by their suspension of InterVarsity, even after the university backed down. Yes, I even hate their basketball team, too. Its thuggish style is bad for the game. My personal nickname for the team is Goontown.

Now it seems Georgetown likes thugs as fellows as well. For some reason, they have appointed Andy Stern, the past president SEIU to a senior research fellowship. For those not familiar with SEIU, it is a union with a well-earned reputation for both political and physical thuggery. Among other things, their goons have roughed up a number of tea party activists.

Yep, I think the name Goontown fits well. Jesuits at their worst.

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Cigarette Sally said...

Goontown- Cute name ;-)