Thursday, May 10, 2007

Georgetown Lets InterVarsity Back on Campus

You may read about the good news here. But the following set off my B.S. detector:

"It wasn’t theological issues that led to the decision [not to renew affiliations], but rather a lack of communication," Boroughs said, in a Georgetown University news release…

I don’t believe that for a second. Georgetown did what liberals do -- living out their “tolerance” by running roughshod over those not as “tolerant” as they.

I suspect what really happened is that alumni (and perhaps lawyers? Note the resolution of a lawsuit under similar circumstances at the University of Wisconsin.) *ahem* assisted Georgetown in seeing the light enough for the university to relent.

I’m glad to hear the news. And I fully understand InterVarsity is wise to play nice unlike me. But I don’t buy that this episode was an aberration brought on by “a lack of communication.” Not for one minute.

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