Monday, May 07, 2007

BREAKING: ++Akinola’s Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop Peter Akinola has written to Archbishop Rowan Williams. And his letter clears up some things I was puzzled about last night.

++Akinola did receive the letter from +++Rowan after the installation of Bishop Minns. Yes, the timing doesn’t pass the smell test very well on Lambeth’s part.

In any case, ++Akinola’s reply is excellent. He has been patient, but states that provision for orthodox Anglicans in North America can wait no longer.

It is imperative that we continue to protect those at most risk while we seek a way forward that will offer hope for the future of our beleaguered Communion.

And however good his motivations may be, +++Rowan has been too slow to provide for distressed orthodox Anglicans. His slowness may be out of his overriding priority of keeping the Anglican Communion together, to avoid sharpening divisions. But his slowness has already cost North American Anglicanism many good faithful people. And shepherds should defend the flock regardless.

Archbishop Peter Akinola sees that and is right to say there’s been enough delay already in providing for orthodox Anglicans in the U. S. Good on him!

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