Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pope Backs Excommunication of Pro-abortion Politicians

I’m going to have to start praying for a lllllong life for Pope Benedict! He has now publicly backed excommunication of “Catholic” politicians who support abortion. Good on him!

About the only thing that infuriates me more than politicians who support such monstrosities as partial birth abortion are clergy and churches who are soft on them or even agree!

Support for abortion is one reason I wiped the dust off my feet when I left the mainline Presbyterian Church. And I find the Episcopal Church’s support for the Religious Coalition for Baby Killing Reproductive Choice more egregious than giving a mitre to an unrepentant homosexual.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Using the name of Christ to support abortion on demand is blasphemy of the worse sort. And I’ll go further and say that publicly supporting abortion yet expecting to remain a member of Christ’s church in good standing is presumption of the worse sort. Unfortunately, most church bodies at the very least enable such presumption, and many engage in such blasphemy.

Can you tell this area is a hot button for me?

Anyhow, in such a morally and spiritually bankrupt environment, may the tribe of those who have the guts and moral clarity to excommunicate those who publicly support abortion increase! Long live the Pope!

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