Wednesday, May 23, 2007

+Minns’ and Robinson’s Responses to Not Being Invited to Lambeth

Two of the many notable statements in the midst of yesterday’s tumult surrounding the announcement of Lambeth invitations were those of Bishop Minns and Gene Robinson. Both were not invited to Lambeth and released statements addressing that. Here’s some succinct commentary on the contrast between the two responses.

To sum up, while +Minns focused not on himself but on the troubles of the Communion as a whole, Robinson’s response was typical, focusing on gay this and gay that and on himself, of course.

By the way, my decision to dub Robinson “the Gayest Gay Bishop” is not just to be snarky. When he became “bishop,” he said he wouldn’t be “the Gay Bishop.” But with his frequent refrains of “gay gay gay me me me” in his statements and speeches (He’s quite an item on the uberlib speech circuit.), that is exactly what he has become. So much so that he has well earned the title “the Gayest Gay Bishop.”

Hattip to Stand Firm.

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