Monday, August 09, 2010

About Those “Stimulus” Signs

There has been some controversy about money being spent on signs to trumpet “stimulus” projects. I encountered one in New Mexico the other day on the stretch of highway being repaved between Carlsbad and Carlsbad Caverns.

Now place yourself in the driver’s seat. You may have driven a lot of miles and may have a lot of miles in front of you as I did. And you may have already been tortured by driving through all the traffic lights of Carlsbad as I had been. (By the way, a much needed highway project is to build a loop around that miserable town.) Then, thanks to “stimulus,” once free of Carlsbad, you have to slow down again, be funneled unto a two-lane road, and perhaps be stuck behind a slow driver. And that even though the old pavement on what is normally a four-lane divided highway seems fine and smooth.

And the sign trumpeting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act tells you who to thank.

And it occurred to me that some of those signs may backfire on those Demorats who passed “stimulus.”

But I can be a bit slow. I discovered this morning I am not the first one to think this.

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