Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bishop Benhase’s Selective Inclusiveness

I’ve frequently noted how the inclusive crowd is not. TEC “Bishop”* Benhase of Georgia is a case in point. When it comes to the consent to and the consecration of an active lesbian as “bishop,” he is oh-so-inclusive.

But when it comes to those nasty schismatics of ACNA? From his clergy handbook revised after his consecration:

"Anglican" or "Continuing" Splinter Groups [Love those scare quotes! – Ed.] not part of TEC

These groups undermine the geographical authority of the bishop
[Love that geographic fundamentalism! – Ed.] as defined in the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church and observed in historical Anglican practice. Therefore, no clergyperson from these groups may participate in any service of worship, and no joint services may be held with any congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. Episcopal clergy of the Diocese of Georgia may not participate in any service held in or by these congregations except with written permission from the Bishop.

Though you may choose to notify the Bishop, attendance at a wedding or funeral held in such congregation, for reasons of previous pastoral or personal relationship, is an exception to this more general statement and requires no such permission.

It’s not quite “Shun! Ssshhhhhunnn!” But it’s close.

*(About my quotation marks: I consider it very questionable whether apostates are valid bishops.)

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Floridian said...

Those who oppose the truth, fear it. They cannot tolerate the truth. They will always seek to avoid, repress, deny, distort and/or destroy the Way/Truth/Life and those who follow Him.