Thursday, October 30, 2008

REC Passes Anti-Abortion Resolution

Virtually the last act of the Reformed Episcopal Church's General Council last week was the passage of the following resolution:

Forasmuch as the Reformed Episcopal Church has affirmed the teaching of God's Word that abortion is the taking of an unborn human life, and inasmuch as we have recognized the duty of all faithful Christians to work to protect the unborn and restrain the sin of abortion on demand, we hereby move that the General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church direct the clergy and laity of the Reformed Episcopal Church to make a political candidate's position on the Sanctity of Human Life the highest priority in discerning for whom to vote regardless of political party represented or office being sought.

The resolution passed without opposition although there was a quiet abstention or two.

I supported it although I do quibble with one matter. The resolution was sprung on us without notification and without a written version of it in front of us. (It was read to us.) Although I think it an excellent resolution and am proud of the REC for taking this stand, that’s not the way resolutions of this importance should be handled.

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RECCHIP said...

I am so thrilled that the REC took this stand.

I am NOT AT ALL CONCERNED about the method of passage. As I understand it, Archdeacon Abboud introduced it and it was voted on.

That is how most things are handled in the Diocese of the Northeast and MidAtlantic and (to a slightly lessor extent) in the new Missionary Diocese.

Usually these things are "Here it is, does anybody object?"

We need to make sure we never make concerns about "polity" get in the way of the work of the Church.