Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama Is Funding ACORN Vote Fraud

First, I give the “Mainstream” News Media some much deserved bashings. So when much deserved kudos are in order I will give those, too. So kudos to CNN for investigating and reporting on ACORN’s vote fraud.

I saw their excellent report over lunch just now. One of the items it mentions is that the Obama campaign paid ACORN $800,000 earlier this year for their voter registration drives. So Obama is funding their vote fraud.

CNN: Despite its past, the Obama campaign gave $800,000 to ACORN to help fund its primary registration drive, and ACORN has endorsed Barack Obama for president. The Obama campaign reacted this afternoon, saying, it is “committed to protecting the integrity of the voting process and said it has not worked with ACORN during the general election”.

Yeah, right. But ACORN sure is working for them, using that $800,000 to corrupt our election.

There is no excuse for Obama’s complicity in this as ACORN has a sordid history of vote fraud in past elections as well documented here. Obama cannot with any credibility say, “We didn’t know.”

So I’ll say it again – Barack Obama is funding election fraud.


Joseph Hunkins said...

Like most of the Obama criticisms this takes a legitimate point but exaggerates the importance of that point and connects it to Obama unfairly.

OF COURSE Obama used an ACORN connected group to help registration - you can't just open the phone book and pick from several - there are not many. As with Ayers, you'd probably suggest Obama must immediately walk away and disavow anybody who is objectionable, but politicians simply don't do that (in fact it's to Obama's credit that he has a history of moderate views while collecting information from all parties.)

The problem with the talking points as you seem to be promoting them is that they are not technically false - they are just totally misleading to the point of nonsense. For example "Wealth Distribution" is a cornerstone of the economics of every civilized nation. McCain, you, and everybody practices wealth distribution (unless you don't give to your church - you do, don't you?). Stop the nonsense talking points - they are beneath intelligent people. I'm floored by how many otherwise bright Republicans have started to sound like drooling morons as they carry forward the inane and foolish talking points of a flawed campaign strategy. It's beneath all of us. (FYI I'm a fiscal conservative independent but will swallow hard and support Obama because he's got a good economic team and his intellect is strong)

Mark said...

Obama does NOT have moderate views. Have you been paying any attention?