Sunday, October 12, 2008

November’s Aftermath

Whatever happens in the elections, the aftermath will not be pretty. The Cold Civil War “might get a tad warmer”:

However this election turns out, there will be turmoil. If Obama wins, a large part of the country will feel angry and powerless against the will of the left leaning blue states, the news media, Hollywood and academia. (In fact, they already feel that way, I assure you.) They will believe that ACORN created enough false voter registrations to put Obama over the top. If McCain wins, the left will riot and claim, "The Diebold machines were hacked!" The blue states, the news media, Hollywood and academia will resent that the will of the "dumb hicks" in flyover country overruled that of their "betters". And we will hear the cries of, "Racism! Racism!" ad nauseam.

Now, if Obama wins as I expect, I doubt it will be close enough to smell of election fraud (although there likely will be a lot of vote fraud). But I do think this nation’s divisions will worsen.

And not just in the short term. When Obama governs like the Leftist he is, I think even many who voted for him will feel they were sold a bill of goods. There will be not a little anger.

A “uniter” Obama is not.

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Tregonsee said...

I have taken to reminding my liberal friends that they may well have reason to understand that the Second Amendment is an individual right, and that it has nothing to do with hunting turkeys.