Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BREAKING: REC General Council Approves GAFCON Statement and Jerusalem Declaration

Upon the hearty recommendation of Presiding Bishop Leonard W. Riches, the 52nd General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church has just affirmed the GAFCON Statement and the Jerusalem Declaration by a rising vote. There was no opposition.

Today is a great day.

MORE: In his comments on GAFCON accompanying his recommendation, the Presiding Bishop said with emphasis, “Within a few short weeks it is expected that this new alignment will be represented domestically in the formation and recognition of a new Province of the Anglican Church in North America.”


texanglican said...

Glory to God in the highest!

Anonymous said...

As you are present and doing some reporting...

First, thank you! I've been Googling every few hours since Tuesday for reports and yours is the first information I've found.

Second, since you are in DioMW, can you report on what happened in the diocesan synod prior to the GC kick-off? Anything of note, or was it just budgets and the like?

Third, is there a PDF with resolutions that you can link to? I was only able to find the agenda through the REC web site but no information about the substance of the council.

Thanks, brother!

Richard Naff
Church of the Holy Communion, Dallas

Email Address In Profile said...

Hello All

WannabeAnglican and others are indeed reporting. What a blessed time!!!

More reports here:

Mark said...

Thanks. And I also commend the missionsociety blog to my readers. I've hardly had time to breathe, much less blog. Sorry about that.