Monday, November 03, 2008

My Useless Election Predictions

For what it’s worth, I think Obama wins tomorrow. However, he and his worshippers will sweat at least a little. I think most of the polls are off in part because some people, um, dissemble to pollsters when you have a Black candidate or when you have a media-anointed candidate. Combine the two . . . well, then rely on polls at your own risk.

Also, Obama’s hostility to coal is more fully coming out at the last minute. (Why did the SAN FRANCISCO Chronicle sit on this? Hmmm.) That will hurt Obama, particularly in Pennsylvania.

In Congress, Democrats will make significant gains, but it won’t be an utter disaster in part because enough people 1. don’t appreciate the sorry job Congressional Democrats are doing as polls reflect and 2. don’t want to give Obama too much of a majority in Congress.

And don’t forget that I’ve already predicted a Democrat Missouri judge will hold polls open longer in that state . . . in heavily Democrat areas only, of course.

MORE: Bob Krumm has made some provocative and detailed election predictions. He also predicts a Democrat judge will try to rig Missouri, btw.

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