Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two Important Meetings This Weekend

There will be two important Anglican meetings this weekend. The Church of England House of Bishops will meet. Task one will be dealing with what General Synod has wrought on women bishops and provision – actually, lack of provision – for objectors.

The bishops are feeling pressure from all sides on this. Some positive pressure comes from this open letter. And then there’s pressure from the “inclusive” crowd.

The second meeting will be that of the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth. They will likely decide to leave The Episcopal Church and join the Province of the Southern Cone. Shortly before this meeting, Stand Firm has an interesting interview with the Bishop of Ft. Worth, Jack Iker.

Please pray for both meetings.

Also pray for a youth retreat of my parish tomorrow night. The theme is “What is the Gospel?” And we do expect non-Christians to attend.

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texanglican said...

Thanks for your prayers on behalf of our diocese, Newbie. I will be so glad to have this unpleasant business behind us.