Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama Administration Already Ethically Impaired

I really didn’t expect to be blogging about Obama for a while, at least until Inauguration Day. But the Messiah man is amazing. He is two months away from taking office, and already his administration is ethically impaired, to put it nicely.

For he has appointed some real sleazes to his Cabinet. Tom Daschle, who engineered the vote fraud riddled election of Tim Johnson to the Senate, will head Health and Human Services.

But even worse is Obama’s selection of Eric Holder to be Attorney General. He played a key role in Bill Clinton’s outrageous pardon of Mark Rich. Yes, Holder was knee-deep in that great vomit of sleaze at the end of the Clinton presidency. He even gave a big assist to the pardon of FALN terrorists.

This selection begs for a big confirmation fight in the Senate. If Republicans have any backbone, there will be one.

As for Obama, Jennifer Rubin says it well at the first link:

When one looks to the people Obama in turn has selected as mentors (e.g., Reverend Wright, Father Michael Pfleger), friends (e.g., Tony Rezko), and now key advisors (e.g., Eric Holder), voters may begin to question whether Obama possesses the judgment necessary to run an effective and scandal-free administration. If Holder is emblematic of Obama’s personnel decisions and an example of what is to come, the answer is “no.”


Anonymous said...

He could hardly do worse than the current president and his ilk.

Mark said...

So bravely states Mr. Anonymous.