Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I like Chuck+.

Rev. Chuck Collins, rector of Christ Church, San Antonio has written again about his parish’s response to the current situation of the Episcopal Church. You might remember his parish has announced that they are disassociating from TEC pending an avenue from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates to do so.

I must say I like Collins’+ very Texan approach. He talks straight while politely seeking to be a team player as much as possible. At the same time, he has a no nonsense view toward apostasy. There is a limit to what he’ll take -- and it’s been reached.

I think his parish’s strategy of saying “Enough!” yet waiting for the ABC and the Primates to provide a way to stay in the Anglican Communion while leaving TEC is a wise, balanced and catholic one as is their move to join the Network.

And their effort to work cooperatively with their bishop is commendable as well. And the Bishop of West Texas seems accommodating and supportive so far.

I’ve been hard on the Diocese of West Texas. But lately that diocese is providing examples of wise conduct when confronted with apostasy.

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