Monday, August 14, 2006

The Evolution of a Worshipper

(direct link to cartoon at

This cartoon has been going about the churchly blogdom. So you’ve probably seen it.

I was mildly puzzled by it for some time. Then while I was driving (My best thoughts often come to me behind the wheel.), I thought, “That’s me!”

Around 18, I got involved in the charismatic movement, so hands up and letting loose was my preferred worship style. Through the years my style toned down in more mainstream “praise and worship” style churches, but I was still quite involved in the worship.

But eventually I became disenchanted with “praise and worship” style services, sometimes also called “hymn sandwiches.” Often, they annoyed me more than they helped me worship. I was guy #5.

Then I discovered traditional Anglican services like the guy at the right. And the rest is history.

Like I said, that’s me (although I’m not a crucifer . . . yet).

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