Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Exploding Episcolibs!

I’ve been writing lately that +++Rowan Williams, particularly in his actions since GC ’06, is turning out to be a pleasant surprise to many orthodox Anglicans.

He in line with the Windsor Report has given the Episcopal Church every chance in the world to repent or at least relent, and that process has tried the patience of the orthodox. But now those chances have been tossed aside, forcing +++Rowan to soon choose between his traditional role of defending the catholic faith and Anglican unity and instead accommodating the “new thing” of a renegade American province.

And he’s made quite clear (which is remarkable for him), as I pointed out yesterday, that he sees his proper role as Archbishop of Canterbury is to “guard the faith and teaching of the Church” not to further divisive new things or even his things.

Well, the surprise is certainly not pleasant for all. That the Archbishop intends to fulfill his traditional role is sinking into the addled minds of the Episcopal Left. And they are. not. happy.

They are particularly unhappy with the New York meeting +++Rowan has called next month for select U. S. bishops to hopefully begin to work out a way to a settlement. It seems some Episcolibs don’t like any interference in their plans to vanquish their evil bigoted orthodox foes.

My friend Christopher Johnson is documenting this discontent well, including here and here.

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