Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Federation Of Anglican Churches In The Americas

Very quietly, and even under my radar, The Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas (FACA) has been formed.

As my rector brought to my attention, this new federation is given a prominent place on the Reformed Episcopal Church’s site (complete with hokey musical introduction). Anglican Province of America Presiding Bishop Walter Grundorf discussed it in his recent Synod address. And the Diocese of the Holy Cross has some information here. Those are the only mentions I can find on the net. Given the hyperactivity of the Anglican blogdom, that’s pretty quiet.

Here’s what I can glean from the above sources. The brainchild of the REC’s and APA’s unity efforts, the Federation now consists of the REC, the APA, and the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA) and has picked up steam this year.

++Gregory Venables has signed on as Patron, quite a statement from him given he’s a Primate in the Anglican Communion.

FACA will likely work hand in hand with Convocation of Anglican Nigerians in America (CANA).

If I find out more of substance, I’ll let you know.

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