Tuesday, April 18, 2006

++Rowan sycophants tell ++Carey to shut up and go away.

As Chris Johnson notes, an open letter is going out in the Church of England asking the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey to go drink some tea, be a nice Anglican, and not “undermine” ++Rowan Williams.

The writers of the letter seem to particularly hold a U. S. confirmation service against Lord Carey in which he confirmed 300 who didn’t want to be confirmed by an unfaithful bishop. But ++Rowan has only himself to blame for such interventions. If he had actually heeded the council of the other Primates and actually done something to meet the needs of distressed North American Anglican orthodox “as a matter of urgency,” then outside interventions would have been much less necessary.

This makes the part of the letter urging Carey to stop “undermining the work of your successor” particularly ironic. In this area, ++Rowan’s “work” is close to invisible . . . unless you call the sham Panel of Reference “work.” God bless Lord Carey for actually doing something, unlike ++Rowan.

Some have also been upset that Carey said he was “ashamed to be an Anglican” after the Church of England with ++Rowan’s support passed anti-Semitic resolutions, including a review of investments in Caterpillar because their bulldozers have been used against Palestinian buildings.

Well, that was a shameful episode. Again, blame and shame on ++Rowan for going along with that. And good on Lord Carey for speaking out.

For Lord Carey to do nothing and be silent in such situations would be cowardice, not courtesy.

Carey’s response to the open letter? “I am fully supportive of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The authors of the open letter seem intent on creating division where there is none.”

He’s a more diplomatic man than I.

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