Thursday, April 27, 2006

More on Open Letter to Lord Carey

Here are interesting interviews from Australia on the aforementioned open letter to Lord Carey asking him to shut up be a nice Anglican.

Some items of note:

The letter originated in Australia. And a number of Australian signers are listed at the end. As a fan of Oz, I’m disappointed.

Both one of the protagonists and Lord Carey note that ++Carey was invited by Virginia Bishop Lee to confirm candidates unhappy with +Lee’s leadership. (I had forgotten that, myself.) So how is that in any way undermining +Lee’s or ++Rowan’s authority? I would think Lord Carey’s invited intervention helps keep those confirmed and their families to stay in the Anglican Communion.

Seeing the confirmation was a major complaint of the letter brings out the baseless nature of said letter.

I’m conserving my energy (which seems to be doing better), so I’ll refrain from further snarkiness.

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