Monday, April 17, 2006

The Road to Emmaus (The Gospel Lesson for Easter Monday)

Yesterday during Youth Sunday School, I cheated and taught the Gospel Lesson for Easter Monday instead of one of the lessons for Easter itself. For today’s lesson, Luke 24:13-35, is my favorite episode about the risen Christ.

It’s fun to hear of the two disciples’ confusion and, yes, cluelessness really and of Jesus’s playfulness with them, if I may use that word. But more than that, the teachings of this passage are so basic to experiencing the joy of Easter. For example, the disciples did not know that Jesus was right there for them, even though He was indeed risen and right there! And aren’t we that way? If we only knew how much Jesus is there for us.

And then there’s Jesus taking the time to teach them the scriptures on the road. You know, there were only 40 days between His resurrection and His ascension. Yet he took an afternoon to teach these two men the scriptures concerning Himself. That we learn the scriptures is quite a priority in Christ’s eyes!

So don’t neglect digging into the scriptures yourself. Luke 24:13-35 would certainly not be a bad place to do so today.

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