Friday, April 07, 2006

Pseudogospels and Hype

Well what do you know. Another pseudogospel, namely the Gospel of Judas, has been dug up from the ancient circular file and is now being flogged by tendentious media hype.

Look, I find noncanonical writings interesting. Heck, I own the two volume Old Testament Pseudepigrapha by Dr. James Charlesworth (a prof of mine during my Duke days, by the way) . . . and I’ve actually read some of it! And such writings give interesting insight into the religious isms and spasms of their day.

But to flog the Gospel of Judas and such as undermining the validity and historicity of scripture or somehow revealing some new truth about Jesus is bunk. All the Gospel of Judas reveals is that every age has its dissidents and revisionists . . . which isn’t much of a revelation.

And as The Pontificator points out, it also reveals how gullible people are.

I can hardly wait until the DaVinci Code movie comes out.

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