Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mike Watson’s Analysis of Special Commission Report

I’ve posted that I’m unimpressed with the ECUSA Special Commission Report. Mike Watson has posted a brief analysis of key provisions that sum up well some of my biggest problems with it, which include:

1. The “considerable caution” language pertaining to consecrating bishops. That’s just meaningless fudge wide enough to drive a used cathedral through. There’s nothing to stop ECUSA from consecrating a polygamous space alien (from San Francisco no doubt) as bishop, then insisting, “We used considerable caution in doing so.”

2. The clauses concerning public rites of blessing same sex unions imply that private blessings of same sex unions are just fine. *wink, wink* More about this here.

Also, the report states that they didn’t reeeealy authorize blessings of same-sex unions at General Convention ’03, which is just laughable.

I’m trying to be nice for Holy Week. So I better stop right there.

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