Sunday, January 08, 2006

-Peter Lee responds to ++Orombi

The ECUSA bishop of Virginia has written a response to the Archbishop of Uganda. And, boy, is it lame!

My decision with regard to Mr. Ashey, based upon his letter to Bishop Jones, his comments to me and to the Standing Committee of the Diocese, concerned Mr. Ashey’s clear and unambiguous desire to be removed from the Episcopal Church.

Ignoring the fact the Rev. (NOT Mr.) Ashey left ECUSA, not holy orders. Then –Lee engages in some diversionary finger pointing:

I am disappointed that you and the Church of the Province of Uganda have chosen to exercise episcopal acts outside the jurisdiction of your Province without collaboration with me, and contrary to my understanding of traditional Anglican principles.

And that has exactly what to do with twisting the canons to try to strip Rev. Ashey of holy orders?

The Diocese of Virginia has had a long and affectionate relationship with the Church of Uganda. The late Most Rev. Yona Okoth, Archbishop of Uganda, participated in my consecration in 1984. He and his family were provided asylum in Virginia during the reign of the tyrant, Idi Amin, for their protection. I will continue to encourage churches in Virginia to support mission efforts in Uganda in parishes and dioceses, including such projects as the Solar Light Project and the Chain Foundation. We believe all these efforts have the approval of local Ugandan bishops.

I do *good things*, too. But if I abuse churchly power to try to strip a faithful man of his rightful position, I don’t think a recitation of those *good things* would have anything to do with anything. I might as well brag of my membership in The Society to Put Things on Top of Other Things.

My prayer is that our attention to mission in the name of Christ will help put differences among us in perspective and unite us more fully in Christ.

He tries to strip a man of holy orders for leaving ECUSA for another Anglican Communion jurisdiction, then lectures the Archbishop of Uganda on “perspective.” Sheesh!

Where does ECUSA get these guys?

UPDATE: Two good readers are interpreting +Lee's statement as backing down from stripping Rev. Ashey of holy orders, that now he is instead simply recognizing that Rev. Ashey is leaving ECUSA. I don't see that in the statement, but will keep my eyes open for clarification.

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