Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An ECUSA rector takes a stand against Moloch.

This rector is to be commended for taking a stand against ECUSA’s support of abortion and for refusing to aid that support.

For those who feel they should remain in ECUSA (or the mainline Presbyterian Church or the like) for a season, I think that is the right approach, really the only defensible course: refuse to participate in the support of abortion with even one red cent.

And the rector asks a good question:
Finally, I would ask you to consider this: by taking such a strong position on the most contentious and morally-freighted issue of our time, and particularly doing so at the height of the divisions we already suffer, is it not plain that the entrenched powers-that-be in the Episcopal Church are not only being disingenuous when they speak of reconciliation and tolerance, but are actually intent on driving every evangelical- and/or catholic-minded Episcopalian out of the Church?

Indeed. And isn’t it also strange that, after all the protests that ECUSA can’t act on Windsor or Dromantine until General Convention, ECUSA joins The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Moloch before General Convention? Hmmmm?

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