Thursday, January 05, 2006

2006 and Iran

I hesitate to make this prognostication because it is so obvious. But the subject is also important, so . . . Iran, its nuclear ambitions, and how to deal with them will take center stage in 2006.

The Guardian, of all papers, has published leaked information that makes it that much more clear that we cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear power.

I suspect that sometime in 2006 or early 2007 at the latest, Israel or the U. S. will do what has to be done and militarily take out Iran’s nuclear facilities.

And I strongly suspect if Israel or U. S. does not take out Iran’s nuclear facilities we will not only live to regret it, but that history will condemn us for our inaction and cowardice.

But I think President Bush and Israel’s leadership are smarter than that. So Iran in 2006 will be interesting. Don’t freak out if we see much unpleasantness, including screaming Leftists, moronic moral equivalence, and $3.50 gas.

But that beats the heck out of Iran making 2008 interesting.

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