Monday, January 23, 2006

The Church of Moloch

Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision declaring open season on unborn children. Appropriately, the Pontificator chose the day to post another excellent piece on the Episcopal Church’s support of abortion.

A little personal history: Indoctrinated by population control propaganda at my school, I entered my teenage years pro-abortion although the question was way down there on my priority list well below getting a nice girlfriend, surviving algebra, and becoming the youngest ever to break the 4 minute mile.

Not long after I became a Christian on my 14th birthday, I wondered why most of the Christians around me were so anti-abortion. Then one day at school, there was a debate between representatives of pro and anti-abortion groups. The anti-abortion lady focused on the speedy development of the fetus, making it quite clear that, at least very early on, you’re talking about human life.

That clinched it for me. Thou shalt not murder + the unborn child is a human life = abortion is wrong and should be prohibited except in the most extreme circumstances. Though perhaps slightly precocious, I was no moral theologian. But it was that simple for me.

Later, I became aware of what a central issue abortion is. And I marched in Washington more than once on January 22nd and became president of Duke Students for Life. Later, I turned my energies elsewhere for the most part. Abortion is a hard and distressing issue to stay with for long. But my views on it have changed very little.

So I have very little understanding towards those who use the name of Christ to support abortion on demand. We’re talking about killing children here, people. It’s really worse than Moloch worship, because at least Moloch worship didn’t invoke God’s name in its vile child sacrifices.

I have a much bigger problem with those who so use Christ’s name than with the troubled woman who mistakingly sees abortion as a way out of her troubles.

And this is a bigger issue for me than gay clergy, quite a lot bigger actually. As I’ve said, it’s a big reason I left the mainline Presbyterian Church. To use Christ’s name to support open season on unborn children is unspeakably vile and intolerable.

The Pontificator is right. Christians would do well to run, flee any denomination that does so before God’s righteous justice comes down.

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