Wednesday, January 11, 2006

BIG Sale on my Book

I haven’t talked much about my book God Knows What It's Like to be a Teenager here. But I have a situation that you can take advantage of.

I’m losing my distributor – which means that very soon, I’ll need to have the books shipped somewhere. And right now, somewhere is my garage. I’d much rather somewhere be you, your youth group, church, or ministry.

So for about a month more, I’m selling God Knows What It's Like to be a Teenager for only $1 a book for orders of 10 or more books from the 48 states. That’s right – a buck a book. That barely covers shipping (And, yes, I’ll pay for shipping.). And if you have a really large order (over 90 books), I might even charge less than a buck a book if you talk me into it.

I wrote God Knows in my pre-Anglican days. It uses the Psalms to look at everyday teen life. And, yes, it got good reviews from Youthworker Journal and Tom Nelson among others.

The website for God Knows What It's Like to be a Teenager is on the right. It’s There’s excerpts on the site.

E-mail me at mark at godknows99 dot com if you want to order. Save my garage.

P. S. In my humble opinion, these books make great confirmation and teen birthday presents.

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