Wednesday, June 15, 2005

”Tolerance” unmasked.

I never cease to find it interesting that those who most loudly advocate “tolerance” are not only most intolerant, but want the government to back up their intolerance.

A case in point: Canadian gay rights advocates want the government to take away the tax exempt status of churches that oppose gay marriage.

The evolution of the public face of the gay rights crowd has been most interesting. First, they asked for tolerance. Then they, in a number of ways, demanded government-backed endorsement and support. Now at least some of them are asking that their opponents be silenced.

(And, yes, I know gays with much more tolerance and decency than that. But they aren’t conducting the gay rights circus.)

The guy who dubbed Canada a shiny happy gulag wasn’t kidding.

I would compare this crowd to the MADD mothers who have gotten everything they have asked for, but won’t be satisfied until those who are within 100 yards of a drink before driving are given the death penalty. But I can’t recall even the MADDest mother asking the government to silence opponents.

Oh, and for those Americans who think government-backed anti-Christian intolerance can’t happen here, I present to you Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont, the Chairman of the Democrat Party and an anti-Christian bigot.

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